Click Tab to Register. The 1-Day RELAY is designed for runners who only have 1 day to run but still want to be part of the fun! This is a great option for those with limited time or need a good nights sleep!  This 1-day relay of 60 miles will invigorate your soul as you enjoy running through some of the prettiest country around!

The  relay begins at exchange 24 and continues to the end.  Six runners take turns running legs 24 – 30 then they start all over again running legs 31 – 36 where they finish in triumph at Clear Creek – The Ranch at Zion!

The Top of Zion 1-day Relay  is unique from all other relays because it features some of the most breathtaking, diverse, awe-inspiring scenery in the world – views which runners will literally have to work for!  Just imagine running through world famous sites like Dixie National Forest, and the top of Zion National Park! You will find your inner peace in a chaotic world as you run through red towering cliffs, steep forests, majestic vistas, open plains, country roads, quiet lakes, small rural towns and much more. 

Do you have what it takes? Are you a Top of Zion Warrior??!? Come run it for yourself and find out just how tough you really are!! There is nothing better than to be in the company of your family and friends as you enjoy a natural high of conquering your run through such God-given wonders!

The Top of Zion 1-day Relay begins at Exchange 24 in Hatch, Utah and finishes at Clear Creek Ranch – The Ranch at Zion.  Runners will start early in the morning around 6:00 am depending on their team’s average pace.   They will run ahead, along side, or catch up with the full 2-day relay runners.


Official Route Top of Zion National Parks Relay Map

Team Categories

    • Full Team – 6 Runners
    • Ultra Team – 3 Runners
    • Youth Team – 6 Runners


Team Divisions

    • Female Teams - all female
    • Male Teams - 4 Men or more
    • Mixed Teams – 3 women or more
    • Family - 5  family members 0r more
    • Corporate –  5 corporate members or more
    • Youth Teams - all runners but 1 must be ages 12 – 18

(Awards are given in each Category and Division based on number of participants)



Pricing Team Categories:  (Taxes= 6.85% & Processing Fee= 4% + $10 applies)

12 Runner
6 Runners
(Ultra, Sleep & 1-day)
(12 runners)
Sept-Oct: $1080 or $90/person $540 or $90/person $540 or $45/person
Nov-Dec: $1200 or $100/person $600 or $100/person $600 or $50/person
Jan-Feb: $1320 or $110/person $660 or $110/person $660 or $55/person
Mar-May: $1440 or  $120/person $720 or $120/person $720 or $60/person