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  1. PROVIDE EXCHANGE CAPTAIN:  Each Team must provide (1) Exchange Captian OR pay the $230/$115 opt-out fee.  You can pay this fee when you register as Team Captain or you can pay it later through our website. Lack of a Exchange Captian or paying the opt-out fee disqualifies you and your team!
  2. OPT-OUT EXCHANGE CAPTAIN FEECan’t provide an Exchange Captain, but already registered?  Pay HERE to opt-out of providing an Exchange Captain. This helps us to find local people fill the stations.
  3. REGISTER:  Each Exchange Captain and volunteer must register with  This allows Exchange Captains to pick their exchange station, team they represent, sign the waiver and choose their shirt size.  Please include your best email and phone number.  We will need to be in communications with our Exchange Captains and Volunteers before and during the race.
  4. PICK EXCHANGE STATION:  As part of the registration process, you will need to pick your exchange station.  The sooner you sign up, the more choices available! If you have other volunteers who will be working at your exchange, make sure they also register and answer the “Extra Volunteer” question by writing who they want to work with and at which station.  Generally speaking this is where the Exchange Captain will record runners’ times as teams make the switch to a different runner.  Each station will be located at the end leg number to which it corresponds (i.e. station #1 is at the end of leg #1).
  5. TO CHANGE YOUR STATION:  If you need to make a change please email us at, and in the subject for the email write “Exchange Captain Station.”  Our staff will be happy to assist you in switching your station should this occur.
  6. EXCHANGE CAPTAIN MEETING:  An Exchange Captain Orientation will be held at the Rim Rock Patio in Torrey Utah, at packet pick up on Thursday at 8:30 pm.  This meeting is NOT mandatory, but is a way for exchange Captains to ask questions, be reminded of duties, pick up their packet and be part of the fun! If you can’t make it, we will do a quick orientation for the first Exchange Captain at each station when we drop off any left over packets along the course.
  7. EXCHANGE CAPTAIN INSTRUCTIONS PACKET 2017 (Click HERE to download/view the Exchange Captain Instruction pdf manual).  This will give you information about what you will need to know and do as a Exchange Captain. We will also email it to you if you register early enough.
  8. RACE GUIDE - Please read the race guide focusing on medical information including nearest hospital near your station, gas station information, course map and leg directions, official course rules and contact information for race directors and medical support.





A fun and successful race starts with fresh and enthusiastic Exchange Captains and volunteers to rejuvenate hot and tired runners at every exchange!  LET YOUR CREATIVITY SHINE THROUGH AT YOUR EXCHANGE with themes, costumes, music, mega phones, glow sticks, etc.  Just have fun!!  Runners will remember you and you will become part of a great memory for them.

Not only that, but every Exchange Captian is automatically entered into the “Most Enthusiastic Exchange Captain” contest.  The winner of the contest will be announced via the Top of Zion Facebook page after the race where each team will vote which station/exchange volunteer was their favorite.  Winners get a cash prize mailed directly to you!  So get your game on, be the awesome Exchange Captain our Top of Zion Warriors need and win!!! (Don’t forget to “Like” the Top of Zion Facebook page so you can see if you won!)

Each runner can vote three times via facebook or email (

  • Winners will be selected one week after the relay.  Winners are based off the number of votes received via Facebook and email!

So get creative!!  Bring some energy to the race!!  Make it fun!  When your done, join us at the finish line to cheer on the runners and have some fun!!