Race Date:  June 8-9, 2018

Pricing Team Categories:  (Taxes= 6.85% & Processing Fee= 4% + $10 applies)

12 Runner
6 Runners
(Ultra, Sleep & 1-day)
(12 runners)
Sept-Oct: $1080 or $90/person $540 or $90/person $540 or $45/person
Nov-Dec: $1200 or $100/person $600 or $100/person $600 or $50/person
Jan-Feb: $1320 or $110/person $660 or $110/person $660 or $55/person
Mar-May: $1440 or  $120/person $720 or $120/person $720 or $60/person




2 Day Relay 

The Top of Zion 2-day Relay is our main relay for the Zion Warrior! Runners will go from Capitol Reef  NP to Zion NP.  Teams consists of 12 and 6 runners. This relay will push your limits giving you the adventure of a lifetime as you and your team run straight for 24-36hours across 195 miles of the most beautiful terrain around!! Details >>



Sleep Relay 

Top of Zion Sleep Relay allows runners the best of both worlds! This unique relay combination allows you to participate with all the other runners, see all the incredible scenery and SLEEP ALL NIGHT LONG!!! HOW IT WORKS – Runners start with all the other Full Relay runners. They will run legs 1 – 12 on the first day. At this point they are done for the day and get to take it easy. Enjoy the scenery, eat a good meal, do a hike and head to your hotel! Get a good nights sleep!! The next morning drive past all the amazing scenery that the full relay runners passed during the night and go to exchange 30. Here you will run legs 30 -36 and finish with all the Full and Half relay runners. Details >>




1 Day Relay

The 1-Day RELAY is 60 miles of awe-inspiring scenery.

The 1-Day RELAY is designed for runners who only have 1 day to run but still want to be part of the fun! This is a great option for those with limited time or need a good nights sleep!  This 1-day relay of 60 miles will invigorate your soul as you enjoy running through some of the prettiest country around!

The course begins at exchange 24 and goes till the end. Six runners take turns running legs legs 25 – 30 and then 31 – 36 where they finish in triumph at Clear Creek – The Ranch at Zion! Details >>



Open Team

Need a team?  Join our Open Team!  The Open Team option allows individual runners who want to run but don’t have the time to put a team together. It allows runners to choose a relay of their choice and be part of an Open Team where they will get to meet and run with other runners in the same situation. To register, select the Open Team option and register as an individual.  Runners will work with the Race Director who will coordinate each open team.

Open Team Button


Half Team

Do you want to run the Full 2-day relay but can only find 6 runners??  Sign up as a half team, choose Van 1 or Van 2 and we will match you with another half team making a full team! This is a great way to meet other runners while still enjoying your own friends. When registering, sign up as a 6 runner team and then choose the van 1 or van 2 option. Once we get a match we will let you know!!

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Each Team must provide (1) Volunteer OR pay the $230/$115 opt-out fee.  You can pay this fee when you register as Team Captain or you can pay it later through our website. Lack of a Exchange Captian or paying the opt-out fee disqualifies you and your team! Money goes toward paying our Exchange Captain Coordinator, paying Exchange Captains, and for the cash prizes for the Best Exchange.

Each Volunteer must register with  This allows Volunteers to pick their exchange station, team they represent, sign the waiver and choose their shirt size.  Please include your best email and phone number.  We will need to be in communications with our Volunteersbefore and during the race.